A Social Recipe: Tumblr mixed with Instagram

I am new to the Tumblr world and have been researching what is go great and different about it. Well folks, let me just say that it is a new way to promote the lifestyle of your brand or organization. Tumblr is an upper stimulant of blogging. You can post links, images, videos, and still create text-based posts. This social medium helps connect you with your audience, by of course doing your research first. Focus on posting capturing images to attract the apple of the eye. Let the snapshot do the talking.

Visit this blog for a guide to using Tumblr!

Instagram. Its simple and easy to use. Plus it is a creative and fun way to spice up those pictures by making them look old or adding tint to them. But there is more to it than that. Instagram is a way to visually communicate with others. This tool can connect with Twitter by using the hashtag feature and allow you to follow other great people. Don’t forget, it is important to be social on Instagram. Like and comment on photos. Start up conversations. Ask questions.

Here is another blog about how to use Instagram.

Follow me on my Tumblr site where I will be posting Instagramed photos of events I have been recently working at.




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