Innovative Event Trends

Social media has been a leading pathway that companies have been using to interact with their audiences and the public. Apps are frequently adding elements to the daily users of Smartphone’s. iPhones and iPads have logistical advantages when working in large groups. It makes it much easier to connect to people in large groups and make something happen. Technology has become a constant use in our everyday life. It allows for further learning and teambuilding.

Check out BizBash to see how they have used social media to help corporate bonding.

In the event planning field, there has been a new discovery that has impacted event trends. Let me introduce the Instaprint,  manufactured by Breakfast. “Instaprint links wirelessly to Instagram at events and prints out an inkless photograph as Poloroid does.” It is the location based photo booth for Instagram. If you are hosting a large social gathering of people, Instaprint units can be set up at any location to function as a network with a specific hashtag. Any Instagram photo that is tagged with that specific location of where the event is being held will pop out of the Instaprint box, hence a modern day photo booth.

Follow this blog to read about more widespread event services.

By Daily Marauder


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