Networking at Trade Show Events

Events held for companies in specific industries to showcase their latest services, products or study of activities is a great exhibition to attend. These organized events can play a significant role when wanting to connect with prospective customers, marketing partners, new employees and influentials in the industry. Event social marketing needs to be driven by strategies, which is then followed by by tactics/tools. Know your audience. Here are a few tips to consider to get the most out of attending your next event.


Make sure to PREPARE before attending the event. You want to be able to reach out to prospective clients in your field of interest. Be engaged with social media to get the conversation started.

Facebook: Look for or set up a Facebook “Event Page.” This can make is easy to communicate with past and upcoming attendees. Use this as a medium to interact with the people on the page by asking or answering question, participating or conducting in surveys and promoting special incentives that will be held at the event.

Twitter: #Hashtag the trade show on Twitter a few weeks before the event to publicize it. This way, other attendees on Twitter can start tweeting about it in advance. Make sure to not only tweet, but follow. Follow vendors, media partners, the competition and accounts of clients. Also, stay connected on Twitter to monitor your page and keep track of new followers.

Blogging: Start a blog to establish your voice of the company. Write relevant facts and content that builds up to the event. Blogging is an excellent marketing tool.


This is now the time to make a good first impression that will stand out from others. Keep the momentum going by following this procedure:

Tweeting: Engage in conversations by creating interesting topics for people to discuss. Get others involved on Twitter by playing games or answering questions with followers.

Text Messaging: Everyone is frequently on their cellular devices, whether it’s texting, calling or playing around with apps. That is why text messaging is a great way to get people involved at this event. You should set up and provide a number that people can text to receive links, such as social media sites, or free promotional material related to whatever the event is about.

LinkedIn: This site helps develop relationships with clients and grow new business. Promote your event to your target audience and get everyone connected.

YouTube: Videotape at the event and post it on YouTube or connect the link to your blog.

Tumblr/Flickr: Take photos during the show and upload them to Tumblr, Flickr and/or your blog.


Even though the event has ended, it is critically important to keep the engagement going on. Now, you want to focus on turning the people you have been following and connecting with into clients. You can do this by following some of these helpful tactics:

Facebook: Go back to the Facebook “Event Page” and share some moments that happened during the event, which in turn will allow others to post their thoughts back. Keep the conversations flowing.

Twitter: Measure out how many followers you have acquired and continue to engage in conversation.

Blog: Recap the event by posting pictures, videos and discussing the final outcome.

Be sure to follow the Event Manager Blog for more information on events.

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