Utilizing Facebook for an Event

First off, Facebook is a free and effective social media site where anyone can simply sign up for an account. It can be used to promote parties, marketing events, product launches and other significant happenings. There are many features on Facebook, such as wall posts where invited members can announce anything they want to, discussion boards, and people can also post videos, photos and links on their Facebook page.

The first way to start off by using Facebook to promote and event is to create a Facebook Event Page. Once that is produced, you can invite friends to be admin officers of the page as well. Here is a list of what to do next:

1. Select the guest list. Know your targeted audience. This will help to reach out to the specific people instead of inviting anyone in the entire public. Make sure to be relevant when selecting the people to invite. It really helps if you know the person you are inviting to an event. You would be hovering very close to spam if you invite your whole database.

2. Don’t go event crazy. Do not abuse this application. No one wants to be receiving a ton of different invites on a daily basis. It can get pretty annoying.

3. Be creative. Use a catchy headline to get the audience’s attention. Take time on creating the page. It all depends on how you sell in the offer. Make sure to feature the highlighted stuff taking place at the event.

4. The main photo. When choosing a picture for the event, make sure its eye-catching and appropriate. It should be inclusive and connected to the event itself.

5. Compelling content. Be active on the page. Write on the wall. Engage in conversations. Ask and answer questions. Start discussion threads. Add video and photos.

6. Invite, invite, invite. Make a personal note and send it in the invite. Something friendly, inviting, warm and informative. Advertise why this would be a great event to attend.

7. Tweet it up. Use other social media sites to attract people to the event page. Twitter can track down responses so make sure to tweet. Tweet the URL, profile info, photos and other interesting stuff.

8. Follow up. When people RSVP, go straight to their wall and send them a thank you note. Sending follow up emails to attendees is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your Facebook page. Leave comments on photos or discussion threads because this will show up on everyone’s Newsfeed.

9. Maintain long-term interest. Update your events regularly. There is a challenge to make sure that your friends are aware of your events with enough notice in the short term but do not zone out and forget about the event in the long-term. Maintain interest on your event by keeping the conversations active.

10. Avoid spam. Avoid sending messages with the same content all the time. Limit your sending. If you get marked as spam, it can take up to several weeks before your account is reinstated.

Follow this blog for more information on using social media to market your events.



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