Be Prepared for the Unexpected…

When one works in the event management field, you most likely always keep a calendar on hand. It includes a check list of everything you need and what is planned for the event. However, one mistake that is rarely considered are the things that might or even could happen that are not in our control.

Going beyond that checklist, you want to come up with innovative back-up solutions for anything that could go wrong. Before the event starts, write up a list step-by-step including all the tiny details.

Keep in contact with everyone on your team about everything. No one can go straight into playing a game they have never played before without reading the directions first. Set up a date and time to meet up with your team and review everyones assignments. Make sure each person involved is prepared.

Here is a blog that discusses how to prepare for events.

Many different emergency scenarios can happen anywhere, anytime. Events are unpredictable. When planning an event, there are so many aspects to consider that it is very likely one change will pop-up. There is coming up with the objective of the event, designing/the overall vision, the budget, the committee or staff members, the timeline, the attendees, the vendors and very important, your binder. Coordinating this all can become very stressful and you could easily skip over something. So, have many people take a look over it as well. Discuss other options as a team. Review and communicate with each other is key.

No matter what the situation is, it is very essential to…

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