Working at a PR Firm

As the time to graduate college comes closer and closer, I start thinking about all the possibilities of working in the public relations field. You can only learn so much school/academic experience. I am eager to acquire some hands-on practical knowledge. Others often ask me “oh what do you have to do in PR?” After taking public relations classes at the University of Oregon and doing some extra research online, I found some advice on how to answer that question.

First, know where you want to work. Know the organization. Its background, its culture and the people. Once you find a few companies that seem to fit what you’re looking for, send them a message asking them if they provide any type of work experience. PR firms look for people who have good comprehension of how to operate in the public relations field.

Second, understand the media. Be a news junkie. Know what is going on in the world. Take the time in the morning to read the newspaper. Listen to the radio and pay attention to the stories they cover.

Third, be engaged on social media sites. Read and post on blogs. Start up conversations by posting comments on a Facebook wall or tweet about an interesting topic. You want to network as much as you can by staying actively connected with others. Understand how each site operates. You can utilize them to build a community around your topic, in this instance, public relations.

Fourth, research yourself on Google. If a company considers hiring you to work and represent their business, they will do background research on you. Having a professional and proper digital footprint is very important. Go through your Facebook page and clean it up.

Fifth, do volunteer work. Depending on where you volunteer and what they have you do, you can gain experience that will be very valuable in the future. Go get involved.

Lastly, be creative. You want to catch your audience’s eye. Bringing great innovative ideas to an organization can help you stand out from others.

By Aimee Kinsella

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