PR & Marketing Campaigns revolve around Social Media

It is safe to say that social media is here to stay. It is a fun, simple, and handy tool to use to drive awareness and sale to your company. Hashtags are becoming more and more popular to use in messages. They may be replacing URL’s in ads soon because the hashtags take you straight to the conversation and provide first-hand testimonials recommendations and facts. As LinkedIn becomes more favored, resumes are now considered to be old-fashioned.  As stated by LinkedIn, “job applicants will post credentials online at sites like theirs.” It is the main platform for businesses to connect with each other.

Social media has a great role in leveraging PR campaigns. It provides a platform to further publicize your brand. It can generate buzz by taking your brand image beyond television ads and radio announcements. Social media allows you to get creative. There are so many different websites to use, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Flickr. It is an easy way to connect with famous influencers and get them to speak for an interview or “tweet” your brand.


Nonprofits using Social Media

Starting off as a nonprofit, you have to focus on your budget and time use. To achieve its goals, nonprofit organizations use social media to target their audiences. Through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube it  is easier to forward key messages to certain communities you are trying to reach. Personally, I believe every organization should create a Facebook page. So many youthful adults are on that website. It would be a great tactic to use to connect with a lot of people through one channel.

Many nonprofit organizations have part-time or full-time contractors to help run the business. It varies depending on whether the organization groups are big or small. Larger groups, such as Invisible Children, are able to provide more time to the charity because they typically have more resources. For smaller organizations, the people have to collaborate more to communicate with each other on what everyone’s jobs are. Smaller groups don’t have as much time or money to spend. People involved in the groups are juggling other priorities, such as family or work. However, because of its small size, it can make quick and graceful decisions or changes to its social strategy. Either way, through the use of part-time or full-time contractors, the organizations are able to run online events, such as live interactive webinars.

Social Media is the best practice to use. It can provide a way to carry on a campaign and you there are many options to try from. There are many professionals to connect with and strike up conversations to. To harness the network, nonprofits should connect with each other and provide support for one another.



EventOrb is nifty event promotion engine that allows anyone to find and publicize events online. This website provides the necessary tools to event practitioners that will help them to publish, manage and market their events. After creating an account with EventOrb, you are able to do a number of things such as

  • Create unlimited events
  • Add photos from the event before or after it has happened
  • Add videos of the event
  • Search for events all around the world by proximity, date, time of day or category
  • Benefit from a standalone event page that advertisers can target with their ads
  • Network with other promoters
  • Set privacy for events, restricting access to either users in a network or users with a specific password
  • Allow users to grade events on the Event GPA scale

The event calendar is the most innovative feature on the site. It allows “you to create a concise version of an event and even upload a flyer – all of this, without leaving the calendar page.” It is a simple and affirmative tool to use.

A Social Recipe: Tumblr mixed with Instagram

I am new to the Tumblr world and have been researching what is go great and different about it. Well folks, let me just say that it is a new way to promote the lifestyle of your brand or organization. Tumblr is an upper stimulant of blogging. You can post links, images, videos, and still create text-based posts. This social medium helps connect you with your audience, by of course doing your research first. Focus on posting capturing images to attract the apple of the eye. Let the snapshot do the talking.

Visit this blog for a guide to using Tumblr!

Instagram. Its simple and easy to use. Plus it is a creative and fun way to spice up those pictures by making them look old or adding tint to them. But there is more to it than that. Instagram is a way to visually communicate with others. This tool can connect with Twitter by using the hashtag feature and allow you to follow other great people. Don’t forget, it is important to be social on Instagram. Like and comment on photos. Start up conversations. Ask questions.

Here is another blog about how to use Instagram.

Follow me on my Tumblr site where I will be posting Instagramed photos of events I have been recently working at.



You’ve Got To Start Somewhere…

Well hello there! My name is Katie Bourus and I am a student at the University of Oregon. I am planning on pursuing a degree in Public Relations to someday become a wedding planner. It has always been a dream of mine. Some experience I have in this field is being a caterer at University Catering, where I have served many events. At these occasions, I admire looking around at the atmosphere and seeing happy faces. Being surrounded by tons of people and interacting with them is what I find very entertaining.

The purpose of this blog is to connect with others interested in the event planning field. I want to socialize and communicate with others to learn more about this career. This summer, I am going to Ireland to intern at a company called Magnum Events. My responsibility is to plan for the Tall Ships Races Festival happening over summer. My heart is pumping full of excitement! I cannot wait to travel in Europe! I have been there once when I was younger and remember bits and pieces of the amazing city. However, this time I will be taking full advantage of every chance I get. I want to explore every corner, wonder down twisting roads, and picnic in lush green fields.

So follow me along this journey of connecting with other event planners and traveling around Europe!

“The Mona Lisa”