Social Media: A New Form of Entertainment

Through social media, global conversation takes place around events and experiences people share online. We can learn more about consumer preferences depending on what people watch or listen to. A key point to know is that activity influences behavior.

According to a study made by Penn Schoen Berland on The Hollywood Reporter, 88% consider visiting and posting on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, as a new form of entertainment. People spending time using social media for activities, such as networking and listening to music, is greater than the time spent watching full-length movies or television shows on a weekly basis.

The report found that “79% of connected television viewers visit Facebook while watching TV.” People are able to multitask at the same time as they are watching television. On social networking sites, they are able to connect with others and share their opinions about the TV shows they are watching. Of those who do post about the television shows they are watching, 76% do so while watching the programs live. The types of shows people are most likely to post about while watching TV are Comedy, Reality TV, Sports and News.

The digital influence is causing an effect on behavior. “One out of three connected consumers saw a movie in a theater because of something they read on a social network.” This can come from a psychological study of the “fear of missing out.” All forms of entertainment can benefit from social media. The Hollywood Reporter found that musicians also benefit from social media with “70% of respondents listening to music by an artist based on what a friend posted on a social networking site.”

In the end, social media tests positive for influencing the public. Across every genre of entertainment, 56% of social networkers say social media sites are important for making entertainment-related decisions.

By Lucas Sevilla


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